Complete CO2 dosing kit for the ProGrow aquarium. A brand known for the production of only high-quality aquarium equipment.

ProGrow The CO2 PR1 set allows for precise and reliable dosing of carbon dioxide into the aquarium. It is enough to connect the set to the CO2 cylinder and the diffuser.

The ProGrow PR1 kit includes:
– reducer with 2 manometers showing pressure in the cylinder and at the outlet of the reducer
– energy-saving CO2 ProGrow 1.3W solenoid valve
– ProGrow CO2 CONTROL1 precision valve
– ProGrow BVC bubble counter with integrated non-return valve
– spare gaskets
– a key to attach the set to the reducer
– Polish instruction manual
– warranty card
– 2-year manufacturer’s warranty

The reducer has a universal CO2 cylinder connection that enables it to be connected to commonly available CO2 cylinders, e.g. 1.5 kg (2l) or 3.3 kg (5l). The type of universal couplings in the set allows you to connect to it both a polyurethane (PU) hose with a standard diameter of 4 / 6mm as well as a silicone hose of the same diameter.

Thanks to the ProGrow solenoid valve with low power consumption (1.3W), the set can be connected to a pH-computer or a timer (timer) and fully automate the dosing of carbon dioxide to the aquarium.

Take care of a beautiful vegetable together with ProGrow! The optimal content of carbon dioxide in a plant aquarium should be 20-30 mg / l.