ProGrow CONTROL1 – ultra-precise valve for CO2 regulation

Precise and reliable regulation of CO2 dosing to the aquarium is the basic task faced by the designers of ProGrow CONTROL1. This product is an accurate and reliable way to control the amount of gas dispensed into the tank, allowing for smooth adjustment in the range of zero to a few CO2 bubbles per second. It is in this range that ProGrow CONTROL1 is perfect for referring to the best and most expensive precision valves on the market.

An important function of the valve is the ability to completely cut off the inflow of carbon dioxide to the tank, which may be useful in CO2 dosing systems without a solenoid valve. ProGrow CONTROL1 is not self-regulating and can withstand high pressures up to 6 Bar (0.6 MPa).

ProGrow CONTROL1, like other ProGrow products, was created with the needs of the aquarist in mind. They are not solutions known from cheap Chinese products intended for industry. Hose couplings and the knob are perforated, which makes it easier to attach the hoses and makes even more precise regulation of the valve performance.

ProGrow CONTROL1 is available in two connector versions:
– 6mm hose connectors on both sides (ProGrow CONTROL1A – 5902689731334)
– 1/8 inch male thread and 6mm hose connector (ProGrow CONTROL1B – 5902689731327)

Technical parameters:
– dimensions 4.2 x 3 x 1.2 cm (CONTROL1A) and 3.9 x 3 x 1.2 cm (CONTROL1B)
– 1/8 inch male thread (ProGrow CONTROL1B – 5902689731327)
– universal connectors for 6mm tubing (suitable for PU tubing and standard aquarium silicone tubing – ProGrow CONTROL1A – 5902689731334)
– maximum working pressure 6 Bar (0.6 MPa)