The ProGrow brand specializes in products intended for aquarists who value quality and functionality of the product. The ProGrow solenoid valve was developed exclusively for use in aquariums for CO2 dosing. That is why it stands out on the market with maximum low power consumption and high work culture. It works noiselessly and does not heat up to high temperatures like industrial solenoid valves.

The ProGrow solenoid valve is a product that guarantees many years of reliable operation as well as 2-year manufacturer support in Poland by an authorized distributor. Together with the product, you will receive a set of connectors with a device ready for connection and operation.

The power of the solenoid valve coil makes it one of the most energy-saving solenoid valves designed for use in aquariums in the world. Choose energy efficiency and reduce energy consumption.

The product can be connected to the CO2 set using quick couplings (included) or rigidly (the solenoid valve has the most popular 1/8 “thread). The product has all the necessary certificates, such as CE, which confirm the highest quality of the product.

The ProGow solenoid valve kit includes:
– ProGrow solenoid valve with power cable
– universal couplings for PU or silicone tubing with a standard diameter of 4 / 6mm
– unscrewable couplings with 1/8 “external thread
– the correct installation direction of the device is marked
– Polish operating and assembly manual
– written warranty card with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty

Product features:
– reliable coil
– low real power consumption at the level of 2.5-3.5W
– the solenoid valve does not heat up to high temperatures
– a product intended exclusively for dosing CO2 into the aquarium
– manual in Polish included