ProGrow Even Flow

ProGrow Even Flow diffuser is an external carbon dioxide diffuser designed to work with cup filters. The diffuser is placed on the line supplying water to the aquarium and connected to the CO2 set. Thanks to the use of water momentum and the highest quality ceramic membrane, it is characterized by excellent solubility of carbon dioxide.

ProGrow Even Flow includes an integrated bubble counter and non-return valve to prevent backflow of water from the diffuser into the CO2 system. You don’t have to buy additional accessories for it. Everything is ready to plug in and work efficiently.

The product has a unique head that rotates 360 degrees around its axis. As a result, the installation of the device is possible in various positions.

The ProGrow Even Flow diffuser comes with hose mounting brackets with butterfly clamps for quick and easy membrane replacement (available as a separate product) or diffuser maintenance. Thanks to ProGrow Even Flow, you don’t have to worry about cleaning the diffuser as you do with glass diffusers. You can put all your equipment in a cupboard and enjoy excellent performance and years of reliable service.

The ProGow Even Flow Kit includes:
– ProGrow Even Flow external diffuser
– hose clamps (2 pcs.)
– integrated bubble counter
– integrated non-return valve

Technical parameters of ProGrow Even Flow 12 / 16mm:
– designed for the diameter of 12 / 16mm filter hoses
– carbon dioxide connector for a standard 6mm hose (silicone or PU)
– light aluminum structure
– unbreakable integrated bubble counter made of plastic