ProGrow aCarbon is a high-quality activated carbon designed to crystallize water and remove harmful substances such as heavy metals, drug residues or other compounds with harmful properties. ProGrow aCarbon contains naturally sourced chemically activated carbon using natural methods. The form of granules allows the product to be placed in any internal, external or sump filter. The set includes a filter bag with a lock that allows you to quickly place the cartridge in the aquarium.

ProGrow aCarbon is used in freshwater, marine and biotope aquariums as well as ponds and ponds. It can be used prophylactically, thanks to which the water parameters and its transparency will be significantly improved.

– Standard: 50ml ProGrow aCarbon per 100l of water
– After healing treatments: 100 ml ProGrow aCarbon per 100 liters of water

We recommend replacing ProGrow aCarbon with a new one every 2-3 months. If the cartridge has been used to absorb a large amount of substances, we recommend replacing it every few weeks.

Before use, rinse ProGrow aCarbon under running warm water or RO / DI filter water. Place the ProGrow aCarbon in an area with strong water circulation or in a filter. Store in a cool and dry place. Keep away from children. The product is not intended for consumption. Do not inhale or eat. Do not use in drinking water. The product is not intended for use in tanks with animals and organisms intended for human consumption.